#RPGaDay 3: Proudest Character Moment

I’m not sure “proud” is the right word for it, but the session in which my character Gwenn shot and killed her best friend Firiel  was one of my favorite gaming moments and sessions of the past year, maybe 2. It had everything I love in role-playing stories: betrayal, a terrible choice, an accidental murder, […]

#RPGaDay 2016: Day 1: Dice!

As I’ve done for the past 2 years, I’m participating in #RPGaDay this year! Today’s question is about how you like to “roll.” Simple answer: Real dice, diceless, or dice apps. My gripe with dice apps is that most of my use has been either an app on someone’s phone, which then distracted them, or […]

#RPGaDay 25: Favorite Revolutionary Mechanic

This one almost sounds like it’s written for Apocalypse World’s "fail forward" mechanic, but I rave enough about the PbtA system. So instead, I will talk about something that is anti-AW: doing away with XP and having milestone-based advancement. I think this is done well in Fate, where advancement is essentially a matter of adding […]