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Ladies League of Invells, Part 2

More notes from my all-woman Inverse World game! Note: Inverse World is now available in PDF format from DriveThruRPG! We spent about an hour on character creation, some updates, and more worldbuilding. Professor A’s player was called into work unexpectedly, and my friend LeeAnn was joining us for the first time. LeeAnn decided to play […]

Ladies League of Invells

On Saturday, I began a new campaign. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but it sounds like my players all want to continue. I invited a handful of women, then a larger handful, until I had 5 RSVP’s for “yes,” and one of them dropped a few days beforehand. Three of the four had […]

Crafts and Conquest: Episode 2

Due to player absence, we’re playing a flashback sequence between Makino and Osona, who meet in a strange series of occurrences during a circus. There are animals, a bear and a juvenile elephant, doing tricks, with circus performers all around. We’re both somewhat hungry, as well.

Crafts and Conquest: Episode 1

Last week, I posted about the all-female game of Dungeon World I played in, which was a little hectic, but we played through and had a good time. This week, with two players leaving the group (the paladin and the wizard), we met again to run a session of the game, which is being split […]

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