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Speedlinks du jour from a blog carnival

My post about the Paperless Office made it into the Working at Home Blog Carnival today– very cool! And then it hit the “Best of” carnival over at On the Moneyed Midways. Awesome! And then a few that I found to be “must reads,” from the Working at Home blog carnival: Seth’s Blog: Can’t vs. […]

Some stuff to check out:

[I swear, I’ll start compiling these into a daily speedlink roundup…. someday.] Via boingboing, we have an excellent excerpt from Scott Kirsner’s new book about online video: Sites that Pay for Web Video: From CinemaTech And my article “What to Consider When You are Thinking About a Career Move” is currently being featured on the […]

Robert Anton Wilson memorial celebration February 18

From Boingboing….. why am I not surprised this is happening in my backyard? Robert Anton Wilson memorial celebration February 18: Mark Frauenfelder: Here’s a public announcement for the upcoming Robert Anton Wilson Memorial: Join Together at the Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Meme-Orial & Lasagna Levitation Celebration! Hail Eris! All Hail Bob! RAW DATA: Where: The […]

Home Again

Well, I got home on Friday. The trip home was entertaining. We were delayed about an hour coming out of Marquette, but I didn’t notice– I had my wristwatch on Central time instead of local (Eastern). I didn’t figure it out until we were landing. My flight home was supposed to be Marquette-Detroit-Minneapolis-San Jose. The […]

Mac OS X: iSync stopped working fix

OK, here is a followup to this post, about the Mac sync failing because it couldn’t login. Two weeks later, my .mac account expired, but I also couldn’t get iSync to sync my cell phone and my Mac. After reinstalling Mac OS X, my installation of Missing Sync stopped working, and rather than re-install it, […]

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