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Speedlinks du jour

In blog/vlog news: BBC NEWS | Business | YouTubers to get ad money share Finally! YouTube members have a chance at seeing some of the millions of dollars that everyone else is making off of their content! Sadly, it’s just advertising shares. I’m beginning to hate the ad model for online business…. » Blog […]

Speedlinks du jour: Consumerism and DIY

Affluenza: Rampant consumerism erodes us – Yahoo! News Wil Shetterly expounds on the religious ramifications of screwing poor people, and what Congress isn’t doing about it (but hopefully will). The result of Shetterly’s post reminds me to go check out some of the microloans seeking sponsorship over at One-to-one microloans for as little as […]

iSync stops recognizing my cell phone

It’s like the fun with iSync just never ends. I have a Nokia 6682 cell phone with service from Cingular. This thing, despite being my third unit due to defects in the previous two, is terrific. It does it all. Video, photos, Symbian apps– and it syncs with my Mac like a dream! Or, it […]

Speedlinks du jour from a blog carnival

My post about the Paperless Office made it into the Working at Home Blog Carnival today– very cool! And then it hit the “Best of” carnival over at On the Moneyed Midways. Awesome! And then a few that I found to be “must reads,” from the Working at Home blog carnival: Seth’s Blog: Can’t vs. […]

Some stuff to check out:

[I swear, I’ll start compiling these into a daily speedlink roundup…. someday.] Via boingboing, we have an excellent excerpt from Scott Kirsner’s new book about online video: Sites that Pay for Web Video: From CinemaTech And my article “What to Consider When You are Thinking About a Career Move” is currently being featured on the […]

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