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#RPGaDay 16: Longest Session Played

In April, 2011, my first non-Organized Play campaign in Las Vegas came to an end just days before two of our players had their first baby, thereby changing their availability from "free every other weekend" to "hahahaahhahaha, you have got to be kidding." We had been playing D&D regularly for over a year, either a […]

#RPGaDay 15: Longest Campaign Played

I played a very long-term campaign with some of my friends from college. I think the campaign lasted 3 or 4 years. The system was AD&D 2nd Edition, and we were all elves of some stripe. In fact, we were all elves using the Complete Book of Elves which isn’t all that overpowered if you […]

#RPGaDay 14: Favorite RPG Accessory

OK, so I still don’t own an All Rolled Up yet, and the rest of my accessories are fairly standard things like pencils and index cards. However, even though the Kickstarter was mismanaged and resulted in missing out on some key stretch goals (notably the post-it-sized cards, which I really really wanted for games), my […]

#RPGaDay 13: Favorite RPG Podcast

I really don’t listen to podcasts much– I work with words all day, and I can’t listen to words and also write at the same time. I no longer have a commute, so I pretty much don’t have a lot of "downtime" for listening to text. This is also why I have an ever-growing list […]

#RPGaDay 12: Favorite RPG Illustrator

I really don’t have one (I don’t look at RPG art very much), so today I will highlight an illustrator whose work I really like and want to own, Emily Vitori, aka Syreene, whose work can be purchased on a nice T-Shirt here. I like the art deco/stained glass look of her artwork. Emily does […]

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