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Tell Me Another: Creepy Holiday Special

I was on A Very Special Tell Me Another, in which we played a creepy story game and had a few special guests drop by to tell us some stories! If you’re hoping for a more storytelling-oriented Tell Me Another, this … Continue reading

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Steampunk Art

So, a couple of years ago, I backed a Kickstarter for a steampunk artist whose work I really admire. Dale Mathis works in metal and kinetic sculpture, and I really love his stuff. He’s local to Las Vegas and has … Continue reading

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2014 RiSE Lantern Festival

This post could easily devolve into a ranting of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I’m going to save the negativity to the end, and focus on the happy things from last weekend. However, if you just like happy … Continue reading

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How to make things fast

Leila Johnston has a 6-minute video presentation she did at Ignite London recently about “Making Things Fast.” Not about speeding up stuff, but about making things very quickly. It’s worth a watch, and it’s only 6 minutes long, but if … Continue reading

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Crafts and Conquest: Episode 2

Due to player absence, we’re playing a flashback sequence between Makino and Osona, who meet in a strange series of occurrences during a circus. There are animals, a bear and a juvenile elephant, doing tricks, with circus performers all around. … Continue reading

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