Wired News ran this article today: The Right to Bear SLRs: Ever been hassled by security when taking pictures? You may be well within your rights. Photographer Thomas Hawk’s trying to raise awareness about public photography, one snapshot at a time. By Evan Ratliff from Wired Test. And, by coincidence, I’m going to a luncheon […]

Upcoming Events!

I have a couple of events coming up, and I hope you all will join me at some of them. First, I’m speaking at the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication next week, on Thursday, October 26, starting at 6:00 PM. The topic is “Web 2.0: Making the Bandwagon an Effective Vehicle […]

Upcoming Event!

Hey, Bay Area/Silicon Valley videobloggers and future videobloggers! I’m giving a talk at the STC Silicon Valley this month, and it’s all about videoblogging! This is a great way to get a quick introduction to videoblogging and take a look at the book to decide if you want to buy it (copies will be available). […]