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R.I.P.: My keyboard. And some other stuff.

My Adesso keyboard is an ergonomic split-keys keyboard with a trackpad in the middle of the board. I like it, and find it usable, but it’s the only splitty ergo keyboard with a trackpad in the middle of the board available, so I’m a bit locked in for keyboards to like. As of today, it’s […]

Mac: iTunes can’t copy photos from iPhoto

As long-time readers of this blog know, I have a troubled relationship with my Mac, the way some people have a troubled teenager. I love it deeply and tenderly, but sometimes it misbehaves and I just don’t know what to do with it. The most recent frustration had to do with my iPod. You see, […]

The Paperless Lifestyle Part 2 – JohnnyB

In Part 1 I discussed using Bill Pay to reduce your front-end work at going paperless. In Part 2, I will quickly cover scanning, shredding, online storage, and the all-important regular backup. But first a disclaimer: Electronic record keeping as a replacement for real paper is governed by many overlapping laws, rules and corporate policies, […]

The Paperless Lifestyle Part 1 – JohnnyB

One of the things that we decided before moving into the RV was to go completely “paperless” with regards to bank statements, bills, receipts, and all manner of paper clutter. For most bills it was easy as we have been using a bill-pay service for the last 10 years., previously known as Status Factory, […]

Merry Krismas!

I finally found a winter holiday that makes sense to me. Krismas (and here) is a celebration of a fat jolly man giving out presents, with the acknowledgment that this particular “reason for the season” is, you know, fictional. What’s not to love? I will recommend that they adopt my family’s take on Santa Claus, […]

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