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My MacBook Pro is a lemon

I’ve replaced the DVD drive, the battery, and the operating system. On Wednesday, in the midst of Las Vegas’ freak storm, my hard drive started to click like a ticking bomb. Except, ironically, the clicking meant the bomb had gone off. The hard drive is toast and the computer is at Apple being replaced. Worse, […]

Mac: iTunes can’t copy photos from iPhoto

As long-time readers of this blog know, I have a troubled relationship with my Mac, the way some people have a troubled teenager. I love it deeply and tenderly, but sometimes it misbehaves and I just don’t know what to do with it. The most recent frustration had to do with my iPod. You see, […]

Mac: Fixing blank user interfaces in Java window

Note: This post is a bit long because I like telling stories about stuff. If you just want to skip down to the solution, scroll to the end. This article is another one of my “how I fixed a problem with my Mac” articles. Unofficial tech support, I suppose, and largely because the Apple Support […]

Remote Buddy: Nifty!

With my MacBook Pro, I got an Apple Remote. I didn’t order it separately– it came with it, but it’s very handy to have, because I do a lot of presentations and public speaking gigs, and having a remote is good to have. Unfortunately, Front Row, the Apple software that talks to the remote, doesn’t […]

MacBook has arrived

The new MacBook Pro arrived this morning. I immediately tried to restore everything I used to have on Trinity…. and failed. Badly. Tip: Don’t restore from a backup from a corrupted system. I’m now doing a complete wipe/restore, and will be a little more judicious in adding back all my stuff. In unrelated news, the […]

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