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Steampunk: If you can’t learn from your mistakes… learn from mine

Effie Cotter, reporting On Friday afternoon of the Wild Wild West gathering, I attended a scintillating panel on “learning from our mistakes.” Initially, I thought this would be a rollicking panel with tales of derring-do and vicious duels fought between man and machine. I was not disappointed, dear Reader! Mr. Joe Hernandez, Captain Whittacker of […]

Steampunk – The Red Fork Empire

Effie Cotter, reporting I had the delightful dilemma on Friday afternoon of deciding between attendance at the Red Fork Empire panel, or the League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries. I opted for the Empire. The Emperor had boldly included visual aids in the form of a pantomime performer, who was skilled at his craft, though not […]

Steampunk – Hat Trims and Fiddly Details

Transmitted for your edification by Effie Cotter, Correspondent I attended the Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention this weekend, and had a magnificent time! I also took notes. I took a lot of notes. Over the course of the next few days, I will endeavor to organize my notes into something useful for you, Dear Reader, […]

Short story contest– I’m a Winner!!!

So, last week, one of the Kickstarter projects I’m backing issued a short story contest for stories involving their products and setting. The deadline was short– just one week to write a short story worthy of submission?!? Crazy! Well, I managed somehow to write it up and submit it. This morning, they announced the winner– […]

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