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All over again?

Remember last year, when I had all the trouble and anxiety and, well, angst over paring down my 900+ book library to the 100 or so that I really really wanted? OK. Now imagine that kind of angst, only the books in question are over 100 years old, some priceless, and I haven’t read any […]

Maryland Sheep & Wool

I am going to have to draw out the Maryland Sheep & Wool amazement a bit, but I wanted to share this, because it is just about one of the coolest things I have ever seen. This is a nice, heavy, supported (i.e.: non-dropping) spindle for spinning yarn. You turn the big wheel at the […]

Another tatted thing

In mid-January, I tackled some silk hankies: which I bought in December at Pam’s store. Hankies are single silkworm cocoons that have been prepped and “spread out” into squares that are about the same size and shape as handkerchiefs. I spun them on my drop spindle, into this lovely laceweight yarn: There’s all of 2 […]


Remember this? I decided to get it off my spools, so I Navajo plied it the other day and made a mini-skein with it:

What do you do when you’re not spending money?

Three weeks ago, I joined The Compact, which is a commitment not to buy any new products for a year. Well, I can’t quite commit to a year. Seriously– it’s just not in me to do anything for a whole year. But for 100 days? Sure– and if I’m going to develop a good habit, […]

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