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Cat harness

If you’re still waiting on the cat harness, my apologies. It’s going to be a bit longer– things have been hectic here, and I just realized how hard it is to freehand crochet a cat harness….

Wai! Hot Socks!

This is what I completed this weekend:


Those hairy legs are my husband’s hairy legs. These are his socks. His alpaca-merino, not-dyed-in-pretty-colors-even-though-I-wanted-to handmade socks. I did a reinforced heel and toe, because he likes to walk a lot.

They are, however, definitely winter socks. He put them on for the pictures and immediately started sweating. He was, however, smiling because, you know, handmade socks feel soooo gooooood!

Cat harness crochet

“How to crochet a cat harness” was a Google search yesterday that led someone to my site. Whoever was looking probably didn’t find it, at least certainly not here.

So, to that person, I offer this: Do not give up hope! I, Stephanie, will post for you a cat harness pattern within the next ten days! I know you were going to get to work on it over the long weekend, but really, your cat is going to be freaked out by all the fireworks and doesn’t need the extra headache of you trying to measure her for a harness.

Also, if you feel like leaving a comment that says “Hi, that was me,” and tell me about your cat and what the purpose of the harness is, that would be cool.

Yarn Harlot: Muggles….

From Yarn Harlot:

Freakin’ muggles:

You’re probably going to see this all over the knit-blog-o-sphere, and that’s exactly the way it should be, so astonishing is this story.

What follows is a copy of a letter that I received from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, home of Socks That Rock, the revered and esteemed handpainted sock yarn of so much acclaim. I got it because I am a member (last year and this year) of the Sock Club, where you send them some money and they send you several fixes kits, with yarn and a pattern to make fantastic socks all through the year.

What has happened, and I confirmed all of this in a phone call with Tina, is unbelievable. Blue Moon needs a bank to accept their credit card orders. (Be warned that when I run the world, banks will be in charge of far less…but I digress.) When Blue Moon started accepting orders for the Sock Club recently, the bank flinched.
They contacted the Blue Moon and questioned the possibility of this being an actual business thing. Blue Moon explained to them the concept of a sock club, and the bank held a meeting.

Now, I was not a fly on the wall at that meeting, but oh, how I wish I had been. Over the course of said meeting, the bank decided, with the business information of Blue Moon in front of them and the concept (and CASH) of a “Sock Club” laid out, that…..and here is the incredible thing… (Perhaps you should take a deep breath or sit down or put down your cup of tea.)

They decided that it was not possible that this many people could be this interested in sock yarn (I know…I know) and that therefore, considering the complete impossibility of this being a legitimate business concept (can’t you hear them? “This many people just can’t want sock yarn!”) that Blue Moon must be running a SCAM, and (holy moths I can scarcely type it) Shut. It. Down.
They rescinded Blue Moon’s ability to take credit card money (that’s right, a bank turned down money…) and (breath deeply) REFUNDED to customers all of the money that they had received for the Sock Club.

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