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More blog changes

Well, opening user registration netted me 3 Russian spambot registrations. I’ve turned on reCaptcha for registrations. Akismet is working to reduce comment spam without requiring a captcha, so I’m not going to enable it for comments yet. Anyone using OpenID, please let me know if there are bugs when you attempt to make a comment. […]

(More) Changes to the Blog

I made a couple of changes to my main uber-blog today: It is now easier/faster/less irritating to subscribe to receive posts by email. If you have a user account on my blog, you can set it up to receive the full text of posts, and/or to subscribe only to specific categories of posts. You can […]

I’m getting paid at my “other” blog

OK, as you have all seen, I’ve been cross-posting blog posts from to over here for about a month. Why, you might ask, have I been (a) posting almost daily about a topic (life on the road) that I’ve failed thus far to post about here much? And why so many danged posts? And […]

Got funny?

I started a new blog carnival for humorous blog posts, called Tickled Elbows because there just weren’t enough humor-related blog carnivals, and even though I am not myself terribly funny, I do know when something makes me laugh. I’ll be posting it on Friday, so if you submit your post today, it’ll go up by […]

All over again?

Remember last year, when I had all the trouble and anxiety and, well, angst over paring down my 900+ book library to the 100 or so that I really really wanted? OK. Now imagine that kind of angst, only the books in question are over 100 years old, some priceless, and I haven’t read any […]

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