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Fate Accompli!

Over the past week or so, Johnny has been diligently helping me move my server over to one he has on his co-located servers. I’ve been less than satisfied with Dreamhost, and want to save some $ on top, so a movin’ I shall go.

It takes time, though, and of course everything breaks, so if you’ve seen some weirdness in the past couple of days, it’s partially due to my servers moving and partly due to a third-party technical glitch (which I’ve resolved on my end so you won’t be reading about stretch marks from me anymore).

Meanwhile, a more important accomplishment happened today, one which inspired me to kick back with a beer and a server tonight. I sent Issue #3 to the printer! This is huge news, and comes not a moment too soon (and several too late!) and I’m just thrilled. I’m thrilled because it’s finally done, but also because I sat down and re-read it today in my final proofreading and… I giggled. Out loud. Because it’s still funny, even after all the frustration and delays. It’s still funny and cute and I still like it.

Thank goodness. Because work on Issue #4 is just around the corner!

But not yet, not tonight. Tonight it’s beer and Simpsons and kicking back with my wonderful husband who helps keep everything running.

I just wrote The Moment

There has been an image in the back of my mind ever since I started writing Handknit Heroes. A destination for one of the characters in the comic book, something bold and disturbing and which takes the story out of fun and games and into the seriousness of a hero’s quest.

I just wrote it. Just the image– I didn’t even write the lead-up to it, the big conflict leading to this moment of utter vulnerability and risk. I only wrote the image that’s been in my head for two years, because I was finally within the grasping of it (Marc knows what it is, and is probably still wondering if my drunken ramblings were truth or just ramblings).

On the one hand, I’m exultant at the writing, because it’s a really powerful, really beautiful (in a terrible beauty sense) moment. It’s an emotional payoff that is several issues in the making, and it ties the story together really well, makes this piece of fiction into truth.

And on the other hand, I want to weep for my characters, for what I have done to their lives.

Shattered, shattered, shattered.

Tomorrow I finish Issue 7 and reach my 100 page target.

The next day: start picking up the pieces.

My poor, poor characters. Will they ever forgive me?

Will the readers?

Script Frenzy: Day 16

Yesterday was the halfway point, and I started and ended the day at 77 pages.

I am halfway through the 3rd issue this month (Issue #7), and right now my total script page count is 82.

Really, that’s all I have to say today. Work is going well, and Issue 3 continues apace.

Script Frenzy: Day 4

Oh, I know it’s some holiday or other, but really, today for me is a celebration of awesomely fun comic book writing!

On Friday, I finished writing the draft of Issue 4 for Handknit Heroes. Hooray!

On Saturday, I outlined Issue 5 and wrote 4 pages (of 22 total for each issue). That’s 4 comic book pages.

Script Frenzy is a dare to write 100 pages of “script” in 30 days. In the comic book/graphic novel world, that’s a little different, because 1 page of comic doesn’t always equal 1 page of script. In my case, the script is generally longer. So yesterday’s 4 pages was actually 6 script pages.

As of today (Sunday), I have 15 pages of Issue 5 written. My outline varies between 21 and 23 pages, depending on how much I decide I really want or don’t want something to be in there. There’s a whole subplot I all but dropped from Issue 4 because it made the issue too long. I suppose I could just make the issue longer, but printing isn’t cheap, and we’re already so close to the next ounce for postage, I can’t add another 8 pages (we gained a margin for error when we found the right sized envelopes without a metal clasp on them, that’s how close we are)

The goal for me is to write 1 issue each week this month. I may not reach that particular goal– since I’m also shipping Issue 3 this month, it makes for a more complicated time. But if I can get most of them done, I’ll be a happy girl.


I made a new superhero mask today. When it’s done drying (I’m blocking it), I will take less stupid-looking pictures of it, but for now:


Oh, and here’s another one I made after lunch (crochet):


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