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I had an x-ray on my knee yesterday.

I had an x-ray on my knee yesterday.

Because I was born with a uterus, I had to fill out a special form declaring that the start of my last period was less than 4 weeks ago, or provide a current pregnancy blood test.

So, basically, if I break a bone, the rights of a nonexistent but potential zygote trump my ability for quick and accurate medical care.

For the record, my last period ended in November, 2016. I’m 43 and don’t even have a uterus anymore. That’s not medically relevant to my knee pain, but apparently, the xray tech gets to decide if my now-evicted uterus makes me ineligible for medical care. Before the hysterectomy, the start of my last period was 3 months before it ended, so according the XRay Tech Math, I might have been just finishing my first trimester, instead of maybe having a severe medical problem.

This is a bullshit policy.

In related news: I decided to try out SketchUp today, which is a free 3d modeling software. Once you login, you are presented with a default screen with a sample model that I can only assume is there so you have something to work with.

Here’s a screen shot of the “default” model.

There’s nothing quite so Silicon Valley as “default” being a faceless beardy white dude (in software that was most likely coded overseas by Indians).

I think I might be a little frustrated with the world today.

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6 thoughts on “I had an x-ray on my knee yesterday.”

  1. There really should be a ‘NA’ on those x-rays form. I mean that’s how my mom found out she was pregnant with me (X-ray procedure insisted on pregnancy test) but since that’s a really edge result, they shouldn’t get to decide. I mean, if you don’t have a uterus currently, you can’t get pregnant. It’s just…ergh :rage flail:

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