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Finally finished watching Bright last night. I want to write this game so much….

Finally finished watching Bright last night. I want to write this game so much….

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10 thoughts on “Finally finished watching Bright last night. I want to write this game so much….”

  1. Similar setting to Shadowrun, sure, but one’s a game about running criminal jobs in a cyberpunk future, and the other is about cops and gangs in a present-day city. I think I’d rather see a new take on the latter, myself! (Movie made me cringe, but the setting was really promising.)

  2. I don’t feel like it’s Shadowrun at all. The movie is very low tech. These aren’t people with wetware. These are as Jakovy said, little people. Unlikely heroes. I don’t get that from Shadowrun at all.

  3. i just recently watched it, and I really don’t get the hate it got from people. Sure, it’s not a great movie but is it horrible? Nah.

    And while certainly these are people without wetware, in a more contemporary setting I’m not sure I agree with the “little people” thing. Will Smith turned out to be a “Veteran cop, hidden bright” and his partner was the “First orc cop”. Those archetypes don’t necessarily strike me as little people. Which isn’t to say it couldn’t do with a game of their own, since Shadowrun hogs so much of the magic/technology spotlight it’s hard to come up with other games that would fit. d20 modern is the only one I can think of without going and using the google to remind me of other games.

    And… Jakovy?

  4. Oh, I see! I’m horrible with names hence my wil smith and orc partner labels there, so I’d probably not have gotten it even with out the typo 😛

  5. OK, how about this: Shadowrun tells a specific type of story, which is not the same type of story as Bright. You could use it for a Bright game, but why?

    Full disclosure: I don’t enjoy Shadowrun. At all. So when I say “I want to write this game,” what I mean is “I’m not going to run this setting, or any other, in Shadowrun.”

  6. “Shadowrun tells a specific story type of story”

    I know what you mean, and I can’t think that way. To me, Shadowrun is primarily a system and/or setting, the latter for the purpose of this conversation. That you tend to use it for a specific type of story doesn’t mean (to me) that you have to.

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