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I had my eye exam today.

I had my eye exam today. Doctor complimented my glasses. I get compliments on these frames all the time, so when I went to the glasses store to browse, and none of them were even cats eyes, let alone cats eyes as awesome as mine… I snapped a few pictures and left.

Opened and searched through my favorites. Had a little heart-stop when I saw “OUT OF STOCK” next to my frames, but then discovered that was for the other color option, and mine are in stock and available.

So… basically, I’m about to drop about $100 to get exactly the same glasses as I have right now.

Why mess with perfection?

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4 thoughts on “I had my eye exam today.”

  1. When I asked about loading the new lenses into my then-current frames, they said they were willing but they don’t suggest it because the frames age so quickly and mechanical failure is expected. But like, is that just a scam? I’ve been kicking myself about it for three years.

  2. Christopher Weeks Zenni doesn’t make lenses without the frames, but you can order new empty frames for the old lenses if you wish.

    I mean… frames take a lot of wear and tear. I expect mine to last a long time, but even so, I wouldn’t expect them to last more than 3-5 years.

    I’d expect metal frames to last longer, though.

  3. I’ve had optometrists put new lenses in frames, but after some number of years (2? 3? It was a while ago I did this) they recommended against, so there definitely is a lifespan, but it’s definitely a few years.

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