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Hello, GPlus hivemind!

Hello, GPlus hivemind!

I am looking for single-URL descriptions/resources for:

* Lines and Veils

* Rewind Mechanics

* other safety mechanics for tabletop RPGs (I already have John Stavropoulos’ permalink to X-Cards).

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11 thoughts on “Hello, GPlus hivemind!”

  1. Would love to have these as little index-sized printouts. E.g. imagine an index card describing the X-card mechanic on one side, and having an “X” on the other. I’m guessing similar to Script Change description on one side, and then the icons each on 1/3 of the other side.

    That way you could just have them ready-to-understand-and-use at the table at Games on Demand or other venues.

    I’m also happy to help mock some up, as I think I’ll end up using them at GoD at Strategicon. Also, I notice my privilege each time I forget to bring them up, and this would help me remember to create a better space for it when kicking off the GoD sessions.

  2. OK, here’s what I mocked up for four mechanics: X-card, Script change, lines and veils, and open door. It’s on 2 PDFs… one is 3×5 index cards (which I just printed 2-sided and they look decent), and one is for just regular paper, where you can fold the paper to make it two sided. – RPG Safety Mechanics

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