February 2017 Books

#5 If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo.

YA novel about a transgirl, told from her POV. Comparing this to Beast, this one goes from the other direction– telling the story of the transgirl in the YA coming-of-age love story. And it feels more genuine– maybe because the POV is of the transgirl, and it’s written by a transwoman?

I barely made it through the first chapter, though. Content warnings abound: suicide, body dysphoria (well, of course), homophobia, sexual assault, and a not-entirely-realistic view of growing up transgender in the South.

But honestly, it was the Author’s Notes that got to me and had me in tears. She addresses both cis readers and trans readers directly, explaining how she made conscious choices to make her main character as “passing” as possible– and how that isn’t the trans experience, and that’s okay.

#6-22  Orange, vols 6-22

#23-43 Unlimited Fafnir

#44 Sweetness and Lightning 

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