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God help me….

God help me….

Local gamer guy posts on Facebook asking who wants to be his campaign manager, cause he wants to run for Congress in 2018.

This dude’s work experience is service jobs at a used car dealership and a chicken fast food joint.

There is literally nothing that should make him think he’s qualified to serve in the U. S. House of Representatives except the fact he is a white, cis-het male who loves Bernie Sanders. He didn’t even run for his high school student council.

Trump is a bad example for a lot of reasons, folks.

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12 thoughts on “God help me….”

  1. Sure. Or he could run for local assembly, or state Senate/house. Or any number of positions that would give him the opportunity to make a change in the very real day to day lives of his fellow citizens.

    Running straight to the top? Tells me he’s not interested in serving.

  2. I don’t see Congress as “the top”, by any means. It’s the entry level elected position in the federal government. Because of our system, experience in (say) a state legislature doesn’t necessarily translate to Congress effectively.

  3. I’m with Stephanie Bryant on this. If you haven’t bothered to get involved with your local political entities, why should I assume that you will both represent the interests of a constituency, and do so with any competence? It’s not about a heart-warming rags-to-riches success story, it’s about showing the dedication, understanding and skills needed by the people you’re supposed to represent.

  4. Well, you shouldn’t assume he will have your best interests at heart, what if he’s an asshole who supports terrible things? But Congress was not designed to be out of reach of the average citizen, and honestly in many areas, it isn’t. Just wanting to go to Congress doesn’t seem inherently to be someone reaching above their station.

  5. Jason Corley

    you know I love you, but here you’re falling for the excluded middle fallacy. It’s not about station or social class, and Congress is not beyond his reach. But the guy described in this post has zero track record that could provide the least confidence that he has the skill necessary to represent the people with any competence, nor that he is willing to do the necessary learning.

    He might be a natural, but he has not shown it anywhere. Why should anyone give him their precious vote? (Answer: only if all other candidates are worse.)

  6. He isn’t asking for her vote yet, is my interpretation. He is just trying to figure out how to do it. And that’s fine.

    There is no “natural” legislator. But Congress is not an insane place to start.

  7. I have behind-the-scenes political experience. Anyone who wishes to run for public office should realize that public office is a job, and that voters are the ones you need to convince to hire you. You might align with a political party to help you get interviews (the party functions as an agent), or you might enlist a campaign manager and run independent of a political party.

    Wanna know if you’re qualified? Do two things before you make a decision to run.

    1. Read the job description.

    2. See if your resume shows that you’re qualified to do the job.

    Even if you don’t do this, some voters will.

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