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I work for a defense contractor.

I work for a defense contractor. I am part of the military-industrial machine, even as a civilian, and I am sure a number of my co-workers and colleagues are conservative in one fashion or another, some ex-military, but most just “military adjacent.”

And my direct team? The people I work with every day? My direct team just admitted, almost across the board, that they took some time off yesterday for “Trump Recovery Day.”

And that is all the politics I expect from my work for a while.

I’m so grateful to work with these people.

Surgery Day

runnerTomorrow morning at this time, I will be at the hospital, prepping for some fairly major surgery. Recovery is 6-8 weeks, assuming nothing goes wrong or develops complications.

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks getting stuff ready for being absent from work and social obligations. I’ve done a lot of crisis preparedness work to make sure all the balls I juggle can either fall safely, or stay in the air with someone else’s hands beneath them. Kickstarter backers and contributors know what’s going on and how we’re proceeding to limit impact on Threadbare. Work is very flexible and will be happy when I’m recovered and come back.

If you wish to pray, please pray for my surgeon’s steady hands and high skill, my anesthesiologist’s care and balance, my nurses’ patience, my family’s comfort, and my health insurer’s generosity.

If you just want to send good wishes, those are always deeply appreciated and you can comment here or on the social media platform of your choice. I’m posting this the day before because I realized I really want the good wishes and cheers. They genuinely help me keep my spirits up.

I scheduled this to happen after the World Series and after election day, and while I’m pleased the Cubs finally won, I’m disappointed (so disappointed) and angry (so angry) with my country, I realized I need to disengage from social media so I can focus on healing. I have one job right now, which is to survive tomorrow and make a full recovery. I cannot win any fight I’m not alive to engage in.

This is unfortunate, because I’m very social and would like to keep talking to my friends– that’s healing for me, usually. But I can’t just open Facebook or Google+ and enjoy it anymore, and being angry is not helping me focus on getting better. I may be using the blog as my broadcast medium for a while– I usually post on Facebook and G+, but the resulting social engagement is hard at the moment.

I need a cocoon right now, not a colosseum.

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