#RPGaDay 5: The Stories They Tell

This is still part of the “Grinding Ice” campaign, the one with Hrothgar and the unconscious Ice King, right?

I mentioned that my character, Nayala, had kind of an identity problem, right? She was a shapeshifter who had originally thought she was an eladrin. (For the record: I like secret identities. I’m a superhero.)

Anyway, she had only recently made the realization that she was not, in fact, from the Feywild. And that, biologically speaking, she was rather alien from everyone and everything she knows. This was unfortunate, and gave her something of a crisis.

Some time after KOing the Ice King, we’re hanging out in Sigil. Hrothgar’s got some kind of flirtation going with the Lady of Pain– and you do not want to flirt with the Lady of Pain! And I’m off to learn about, well, people. What’s all that about, anyway? And if I’m not an eladrin, what am I?

I fall in with some Sensates. They, uh, are very sensual. I make a date to come back “after dark” to learn more about their sect.

Later, I confide in my friends that “I… I don’t know what you people do, but I don’t think my people mate that way.”

“What do you mean?”

“With the… and the… and do you really need the hooks?”

There are very carefully schooled blank looks as Nayala’s friends all nod sagely (and Stephanie’s friends are all cracking up). “Hooks, you say…. I see.”

“Hooks” have now shown up as an innuendo in every single campaign my weekly gamers have played since then, including Space Race, Moving Forward, Owl Hoot Trail, and our new Fate campaign (we made it to session 2 before the first hook reference).