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#RPGaDay #1: Coming Soon

RPG a day 2015 - Twitter

Today kicks off RPGaDay month, a month of posting about RPGs and sharing on social media some of your exciting RPG love. Day 1 is "Forthcoming Game You’re Most Looking Forward To."

deadscareI have three games I wish I could talk about for today, but I’ll pick just one, because I’m relatively sure it won’t be out before today: Dead Scare by Elsa S. Henry. I first learned about this game on Google+ and found the idea very exciting. You play suburban women in the zombie apocalypse happening in the 1950’s. It’s against a backdrop of McCarthyism, while all the menfolk are at work in the (presumably overrun) city. It’s a Powered by the Apocalypse style game, so this will be a game of hard choices and swapping narrative control back and forth between the players and GM.

It’s a bit like Housewives with Chainsaws in concept, but I think the mechanics are better, and Elsa has spent more time and effort in developing Dead Scare (which isn’t to knock Housewives with Chainsaws in the slightest, but the site hasn’t been updated in 2 years, so I’m not sure if it’s still in development).

I’ll be making Dead Scare available at Games on Demand at Gen Con today (Saturday , August 1), and other GMs are offering it tomorrow, so stop by if you’re in Indy and want to play! It’s one of the "all female playable character" games I’m offering, along with Best Friends, Mermaid Adventures, and Magical Fury.

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