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#RPGaDay 25: Favorite Revolutionary Mechanic

This one almost sounds like it’s written for Apocalypse World’s "fail forward" mechanic, but I rave enough about the PbtA system. So instead, I will talk about something that is anti-AW: doing away with XP and having milestone-based advancement. I think this is done well in Fate, where advancement is essentially a matter of adding […]

#RPGaDay 24: Favorite House Rule

My favorite house rule is one that is so popular, it forms the basis for many current RPG systems. The fate point, hero point, benny, stitch, or similar abstract "get out of a tight spot" mechanic that rewards players for role-playing well, and gives them an opportunity to control the dice a little bit more […]

#RPGaDay 23: Perfect Game for You

See yesterday. The perfect game for me is one where I have players who show up! Actually, the perfect game is one where we play for 3-6 sessions, completing a full story arc, but not lingering too long in the world. The players are engaged and interested and want to tell a full story, but […]

#RPGaDay 22: Perfect Gaming Environment

This is obvious, right? The perfect gaming environment is at your house, but where all your gaming friends love to cook and bring food over, and one of your friends loves to do the dishes afterwards! You have a table and comfy chairs– perhaps even sofas– and you definitely have some control over the music […]

#RPGaDay 21: Favorite Setting

A couple of years ago, I got a couple of good role-players together to play a campaign. We started with Microscope, creating a setting that was, in essence, a gigantic city that trundled through a wasteland, in search of other cities. It was mechanical, a little micro-ecosystem that had been artificially created. There was magic, […]

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