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GenCon 2015: Schedule and Stuff

I’m going to Gen Con this week! If you’re going and want to meet up, here’s what you should know about where I’m planning to be! There are some tips in here about social awkwardness and such; if you are socially awkward or anxious, here’s the user manual to interacting with me.

My hair is currently blonde and medium-length. I am short– 5’1" when I stretch– so you will not spot me easily in a crowd. I’m also loud, however, so you might hear me before you see me. This is me:


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Dragon Knitting

I’m following along with Kim Harrison’s dragon knit-along! This weekend’s homework was to knit 5 pieces of a wing:

2015-07-26 19.33.35

There are increases and decreases in these pieces, some of which are a little weird. I’ll be honest– Harrison could use a good technical editor (there are common guidelines she isn’t sticking to, and she has a huge typo in her pattern and stitch instructions), although she is really clear at the beginning that the pattern hasn’t been professionally edited.

Anyway, this week’s assignment is a bunch of icord wing bones. That’s fun… but it means I am now a little stuck because I didn’t get pipe cleaners yet! I can fix this by using floral wire (as long as it’s not expected to show), or I can wait to cast on until I have the pipe cleaners.

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