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Over on the Contessa blog, there’s a nice roundup of what we’re playing. Of course, if you read this blog, you already know all the games I’m in right now, but it’s cool to see what the other women are doing right now, including a lot of 5th edition D&D and some Powered by the Apocalypse games (Urban Shadows, Dungeon World, and Monsterhearts).

When I wrote my article, it was October and I limited myself to about 150 words. Knowing that the Moving Forward 13th Age campaign is a long-term thing, I excluded both it and Epyllion. I didn’t realize that both games would be coming close to their big story climaxes by the time the article would go live.

Oh, yeah. That’s happening. Don’t worry. Writeups are coming. First for Epyllion, I think– we had some changes due to the Seer’s vision this week that derailed my nefarious plans. And I think we’re going to have the final session next time we play.

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