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Freaks in Lycra

We playtested Neither Super nor Heroic last night. The tagline for our game might also have been "Freaks in Lycra." Neither Super Nor Heroic is a hack-in-development for Goblin Quest, a silly-fun casual RPG by Grant Howitt. I’ve found in running Goblin Quest that pre-planning the scenes and risks takes a lot of the spontaneity […]

A couple of micro-maps

Sorry if you see this a couple of times today. We’re moving my blog server, so this low-content post is going to test a few things for me. I drew a couple of tiny maps today, stretching my wings after re-joining the Micro Maps group on Google+. This is Jarl Gorvik’s Meadhall: It’s on an […]

Dungeon World and the Slave Pits of Drazhu

There is an excellent Dungeon World one-shot by Jason Morningstar called The Slave Pit of Drazhu. It’s designed to run in about 2 hours, which makes it a perfect choice for demo games and for running during D&D Encounters at my FLGS. See, I get burned out on D&D, especially when I have a really […]

An Open Letter to Lane Bryant

Dear Lane Bryant, A month ago, I shopped at one of your retail locations here in Las Vegas. I needed jeans– I was down to two functional pairs before I walked into your store. I still need jeans. Because I did not and could not buy any at your retail location. I am 5’1″ tall […]

24 Hour Comic Book Day was a Blast

Over the weekend, I participated in 24-Hour Comic Book Day. This is a 24-hour challenge to write, draw, ink, and letter a 24-page comic book, by yourself, within 24 hours. This was my first year attempting this, and I recruited a friend (you may recognize him from the Solar Panel Project) to help get me […]

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