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Best Friends… in Spaaace!

Last Wednesday, the indie table at Empire’s Wednesday RPG Night hosted Best Friends, by Gregor Hutton. In Best Friends, you play a woman (always a woman– that’s how the game is set up) and your character stats are based on what the other characters hate you for. “I hate Missy because she’s richer than me.” Missy now has […]

6 Months, a Dragon, and a Hellish Kidnapping

My, where does the time go? This is a journal entry from Lt. Gwenn Jade, from the Harriers. Well. We freed a dragon. On Wulthros, while questing for a sword for Tris…. there was… we. Tris went through a portal and, when he disappeared completely, I followed. Emilien went after, though thankfully Ordune and Firiel […]

Epyllion, session 3

I ran Epyllion on Sunday for Dad, Mom, and Kiddo again. Our second session of the game was over a month ago, and didn’t go so well. We had a problem with saying "no" a lot to the 8 year old, and I wasn’t super happy with the results. For this session, we started out […]

2014 RiSE Lantern Festival

This post could easily devolve into a ranting of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. I’m going to save the negativity to the end, and focus on the happy things from last weekend. However, if you just like happy things, go ahead and watch this video, and then ignore the rest of this post.

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