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Hoard of the Dragon Queen – sessions 4 and 6

At Empire Games Encounters last night, we ran Hoard of the Dragon Queen, sessions 4 (my table) and 6 (the "level/episode 2" table). Typically, I take the new players or new characters to run them through part of episode 1. This week, I am down a DM, so I had recruited a backup DM (known […]

When the Planarch Vault Went Wrong

This writeup is an example of what can occur when you "play to find out what happens." I ran a game of Dungeon World this weekend while visiting my family. We had originally planned to play a lighthearted game with my niece and her girlfriends, but all the friends backed out (sick, busy, etc… common […]

Epyllion, Session 2

The second Epyllion game we played (Mom, Dad, and their Kiddo) started with Kiddo’s Seer dragon, Samera, getting a vision of something related to the Darkness. Now, this is a Seer move– it’s the move they make at the start of the session. Roll 2d6 plus relevant stat. On a 7-9, they get a vision. […]

If at First You Don’t Succeed, Harness the Sun to Do Your Bidding

Last weekend, a friend of mine and I worked on a solar panel kit I got through the Solar Pocket Factory project I backed on Kickstarter a while back. We had previously created a working prototype with bobby pins, but with the extremely fragile solettes being unattached and unprotected, this isn’t a viable permanent solution: […]

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