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Day #5: Most Old School RPG Owned

#rpgaday My most “old school” RPG that I own is obviously D&D Basic, since it’s the earliest/oldest school. But I also have GURPS, which I never play, but which embraces a lot of “old school” methods and really refined them. Combat is short and lethal and not very fun. There are so many tables of […]

Day 4: Last RPG I bought #rpgaday

#rpgaday My most recent RPG “purchase” is Strays, a Fate-powered RPG about pets who help Santa protect kids from bad stuff. It’s like Fate meets Cat (John Wick), two of my favorite RPGs. The Kickstarter for it just ended, and the game doesn’t actually come out until next Spring. The most recent RPG I bought […]

August 2014: #RPGADay

David Champan posted in his blog this month an idea to feature an RPG from your life every day, via twitter or facebook or blogs or google+. My Google+ feed has exploded with it, and I am jumping on the bandwagon with gusto! Day 1:  First RPG Played My first RPG I played was, I think, Advanced […]

May-July 2014 Books

Been busy with a lot of things, so I haven’t done a lot of reading. Or rather, I’ve been reading, but nothing complete. Lots of game books, but I don’t read them cover-to-cover. #5: Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. Good book with a steampunk vibe from before SP was a thing. I was not […]

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