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#RPGaDay 12: Old RPG Still Played

#rpgaday Day #12: Old RPG you still play. I currently play D&D and Fate. I’ve talked enough about D&D, but I am excited about Fate. Fate started out in 1992 as FUDGE, a usenet-crowdsourced game system using a simple dice mechanic that really hasn’t changed much in the intervening years. The original game is still […]

#RPGaDay Catchup

#9: Favorite Dice I have a set of favorite dice that includes two types of dice mixed together. Four of the dice are a set of Fate dice from the Eldritch Dice set, specifically the grey ones: They are in a small, teal Very Useful Box mixed with my favorite-to-roll steel-copper Gemini dice: I have a bunch of Very […]

RPGaDay #8: Favorite Character and My #Gencon schedule

#rpgaday Right now, my favorite character Gwenn, the human warlord who is trying to save the world and become its ruler… no matter who stands in her way! You can read about her adventures in the #movingforward tag on my blog. Schedule at GenCon Wednesday: I arrive around 4 PM and have a GMs meeting with Pelgrane […]

RPGaDay #7: The Most Intellectual

#rpgaday The most intellectual RPG I own? Wow, that’s a weird request, but one I can definitely fill. “Intellectual” to me means something that is self-aware about its intellect. Something that explores difficult questions without apology. An RPG like Tribe 8, that so clearly draws from a deep, deep understanding of myth and religion would […]

Day #6: Favorite RPG I Never Get to Play

#rpgaday Day #6 is your favorite RPG that you never get to play. This one’s tough– I have a TON of games in my “queue” that I haven’t played, or I’ve played once. I’d like to talk about two games that I’ve never played, but which I love: Maid RPG (where you play a maid in […]

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