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RPGaDay 24-25

#rpgaday #24: Most Complicated RPG Owned GURPS is freakin’ complicated. I probably have more complex RPGs in my Kindle, but Gurps is the most complicated I’ve actually tried to play. Too-crunchy system. I know it’s popular. I know people love it. I hate all the math. #25: Favorite RPG No One Else Wants to Play Gee, just […]

#RPGaDay 22 and 23

#rpgaday 22: Best Secondhand Purchase I don’t buy a lot of RPGs second-hand, but I did get most of my Al Qadim books and box sets on eBay, and those have served well through 2 AQ campaigns, back in my 2nd edition days (one game was up to 13 players– too many!) 23: Coolest Looking I didn’t buy […]

#RPGaDay 21: Favorite Licensed RPG

This is a tough one. I like many properties that have been licensed for various systems that I’m not a huge fan of. For example, I like Firefly, but Cortex Plus is only so-so, in my opinion. I like Dresden Files, but not enough to play it. I like Wonder Woman, but DC Heroes isn’t the […]

#RPGaDay 20: Game I’ll be playing in 20 years

#rpgaday 20: Game you’ll be playing in 20 years. If you asked me 20 years ago, I’d have said D&D, and I would be right– although I’m no longer playing in a D&D campaign, my last D&D game was only a few weeks ago, and if we count “games that branch from the d20 system,” […]

#RPGaDay Post-#GenCon Catchup

#rpgaday #GenCon 13: Most memorable character death: Do you remember my post on Trust in Gaming? The death of that cleric was very memorable– not in a good way. The campaign itself was fine, though. 14: Best Convention Purchase: The day before I graduated from high school, I went to a convention in Milwaukee, where Mercedes Lackey was doing a […]

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