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RPGaDay 26: Coolest Character Sheet


26: Coolest Character Sheet

I won’t go with coolest, cause I’m really undecided on that. There are some really cool character sheets out there. But I really like Nathan Paoletta’s Vesna Thaw character sheets, because part of character creation is drawing parts on the other players’ robots. Which does lead to a lot of robots with giant phalluses (or phalli, for pedants), but otherwise can be quite entertaining and result in giant robots that don’t have any mobility.

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3 thoughts on “RPGaDay 26: Coolest Character Sheet”

  1. I remember playing that game. I had a Scottish golfer themed mecha with an epic kilt that shot lightning bolts from it!

  2. Actually, I think I got away without having a phallus. Mostly cause I think Tony got mine first, so he still had ideas for funny things other than giant metallic dongs.

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