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#RPGaDay Post-#GenCon Catchup

#rpgaday #GenCon

13: Most memorable character death: Do you remember my post on Trust in Gaming? The death of that cleric was very memorable– not in a good way. The campaign itself was fine, though.

wpid-20140819_093709.jpg14: Best Convention Purchase: The day before I graduated from high school, I went to a convention in Milwaukee, where Mercedes Lackey was doing a panel and signings. While I was there, I picked up Butch Honeck’s business card and brought it home. I told my mom that a lovely graduation or birthday present, if she were so inclined, might be the very nice bronze shoulder dragon Mr. Honeck made and sold (the price tag was over $100 in 1992 dollars).

Indeed, “Randolph” arrived a couple of months later. He’s #19 out of 50 of that style made. I’m not sure it’s the very best con purchase I’ve ever ever made, especially since it was after the convention. But it’s memorable to me, and perhaps I’m reminded today because I saw Mr. Honeck at GenCon this weekend.

15: Favorite Convention Game: I’ve enjoyed so many over the years. Convention games are really different, because you get to try something new, or revisit old friends if you want. You can play some right bastards, or you can save the world (or both). One of my favorites in recent years is probably a Star Wars game I played with my friends Chris and Laura. It was how I met them– Chris was wandering around looking for players for Laura’s game, and I was wandering around looking for something to do. Chris and I are both very friendly, extroverted people, and he grabbed me and pulled me into the game. I played a “face” character who did nothing but spy and talk for the first half of the session…then got one-shotted in the first round of the first actual combat. Chris and Laura looked at me kind of horrified, and I just smiled and said “no worries– I got to do a bunch of stuff earlier! This is all on the marines now!” And sat back, very happy to observe and watch the rebel strike team go in and get the maguffin the Rebels needed.

I ended up joining their D&D 3.5 campaign after that, and even ran one myself for the same players for a while, which spanned about 2-3 years before moving into the RV and hitting the road.

16: Game You Wish You Owned. Mouseguard. It’s supposed to be amazing, and I really wish I’d bought it when my FLGS had the box set for $50. It’s actually available in PDF from DriveThruRPG for $20, but I’ve heard rumors that a second edition or printing might be coming, so I keep waiting.

17: Funniest Game Played. …Have you read the adventures of the Space Race delivery company? No? OK, then.

18: Favorite System. Fate or Dungeon World/*World hacks. I think I prefer Dungeon World for its pick-up-and-play readiness, but I love Fate for its simple flexibility. For a session-game (convention, one-shot, short campaign), I would reach for DW. For a campaign, I want Fate.

19: Favorite Published Adventure. I still have a warm place in my heart for the Freeport campaign. But then, someone posted today about Lady Blackbird, and I have to agree– that’s one of the best mini games out there, and completely free.

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