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#RPGaDay Catchup

#9: Favorite Dice

I have a set of favorite dice that includes two types of dice mixed together. Four of the dice are a set of Fate dice from the Eldritch Dice set, specifically the grey ones:


They are in a small, teal Very Useful Box mixed with my favorite-to-roll steel-copper Gemini dice:


I have a bunch of Very Useful Boxes with dice sets, color-coded, for loaning out during games.

#10: Favorite Tie-in/Game Fiction

I’m going to go with the one I’ve written, here, just because my ego is that big!

In 2010, I wrote Small Miracles, which was an adventure novel of my character Lyr, from Living Forgotten Realms. For a year, my friends and I had been playing LFR at the local game shop, and they were pretty much the first friends I made in Las Vegas. Our adventuring group was named The Trapfinders, and every other week or so, we met to confront evil and have fun.



For NaNoWriMo 2010, I set out to write the exploits and adventures of our crew of misfits into a 50,000 word novel. I then edited it and had it bound at CreateSpace, and got copies for all my gamers.


I wasn’t really blogging around this time, so let me just say that Small Miracles is an incredibly silly masterpiece of ridiculous adventures.

#11: Weirdest RPG I Own

I’m sure there are a bunch of very strange RPGs in my kindle that I haven’t read, but I think for this, I’ll give a shout-out to Broncosaurus Rex by Goodman Games. This is a setting in which someone basically said “I like space… and the Civil War… oh! And dinosaurs! GO!”

And this is where I point out again that I have, perhaps, far too many prehistoric RPGs and miniatures for someone who doesn’t actually have any academic credentials in those directions.

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