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RPGaDay 30: Rarest rpg

30: Rarest RPG Owned
We have the Gurps Horseclans book. It’s not a full RPG, but is instead an expansion book for playing the  Mongol tribes in Gurps. It currently goes for about $85 on eBay.image

RPGaDay 29: Most Memorable Encounter

29: Most Memorable Encounter

I will remember this one for a long time, because this was the day I made the DM cry. It’s memorable for very meta reasons, but also because this was a prime example of our DM being awesome and not turning us back onto the railroad tracks just because we had messed up his beautiful map. Good job, Steve.

RPGaDay 28: Scariest Game I’ve played


28: Scariest Game I’ve Played

Cthulhu Live! This LARP is an immersive, Cthulhu-inspector ball of fun… until everyone goes insane, of course. I played this at a convention, where I was recruited to be an NPC and had a blast.

RPGaDay 26: Coolest Character Sheet


26: Coolest Character Sheet

I won’t go with coolest, cause I’m really undecided on that. There are some really cool character sheets out there. But I really like Nathan Paoletta’s Vesna Thaw character sheets, because part of character creation is drawing parts on the other players’ robots. Which does lead to a lot of robots with giant phalluses (or phalli, for pedants), but otherwise can be quite entertaining and result in giant robots that don’t have any mobility.

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