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D&D Encounters Launch Day

I ran the D&D Encounters Launch Day on Saturday, which was my first time back to Encounters in about a year, and my first time GMing D&D Next. I was not really looking forward to it, to be honest. My experiences the previous week had me feeling that I would get to the game and be […]

Laser and Feelings With the Crew of the Obstructionist

No, they didn’t name the ship The Obstructionist, but they probably should have. On Wednesday, I ran Lasers and Feelings for some players who are primarily miniature wargamers. And it was, to my mind, something of a disaster. Let me state that, in terms of being a disaster, it was not a complete disaster, because the players […]

Timewatch: Little Boy in the Snow, part 1

TO: Dariya FROM: Sarah Connor DATE: August 16, 2098 SUBJECT: Don’t Follow Me D– Got caught in 2098. Underground bunker. Miscalculated Judg Day. Not sure, but I hear rumors that weird aliens are responsible. Don’t know– surface too hot to investigate. Stuck here till my autochron works again– radiation interfering. The machines aren’t smart enough […]

How I write a Timewatch Adventure

This is just my basic formula for writing and running a scenario to run in Timewatch. Step 1: Play Historical What-If  First, I start with an historical “what if” scenario. It might be a cause or an effect. A “cause” would be something that happened and ripples forward in time. This is the most common […]

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