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Solo Playtesting for Monster Under the Bed

The next game I’m working on is called Monster Under the Bed. It’s a cooperative card game for families– about age 8 and up, I think. The basic premise is “you are preparing to fight off the monster under the bed.” Everyone needs to have at least 1 good dream worth about 9 points or […]

SS Placeholder Shenanigans, part 2

Notes from the SS Placeholder Fate Accelerated game from last week, wrapping up our Innabelle 5 delivery of a giant land shark with a forehead-mounted laser.  Arrival at Innabelle 5, contacted by the spaceport traffic control. Kiray learns this is a resort planet, so changes into her bikini (mandatory uniform for female crewmembers of the SS […]

Wednesday Game Night

Starting this week, I’m organizing games on Wednesdays at my new FLGS (Friendly Local Game Shop), Empire Game Shop, and this week I brought in a bunch of Lovecraft-inspired games to play. We didn’t play those, but we did play two demo copies the store has!

Gamer Cakes and Fondant

This is basically a “look what I made” post. Enjoy. Last month, I took the Gum Paste and Fondant class at my local JoAnn’s fabric store. This is class 3 in the Wilton’s cake decorating series. The parameters for the class are to work with fondant and gum paste to make flowers. So, I learned […]

How to make things fast

Leila Johnston has a 6-minute video presentation she did at Ignite London recently about “Making Things Fast.” Not about speeding up stuff, but about making things very quickly. It’s worth a watch, and it’s only 6 minutes long, but if you absolutely hate Internet video, here are the highlights, as interpreted by me: Let go […]

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