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Tough Mudder 2014

Over the weekend, my company’s awesome Las Vegas Tough Mudders headed out to tackle this epic obstacle course for “Team F Cancer.” I am in no shape to run 10 miles and throw myself through 20 obstacles. It’s not that I can’t get there, but I just wasn’t up for it this year. However, I did find […]

RPG Review: Best Friends

Deviating a bit from my normal “actual play” writeups to do a bit of RPG book reviewing. I haven’t played this game yet, but I want to. I have read the book, which is part of the Bundle of Holding’s Indie Bundle, available until April 27, 2014. Best Friends by Gregor Hutton is an amusing RPG with a […]

SS Placeholder: Monster in the House

Last night’s Fate Accelerated game was extremely fun, silly, over-the-top…. and then it went intense and dark, almost in an instant. The tone change was done well, I thought, and the end result was a “monster of the week” adventure that worked really, really well. We had previously received a communique with a falsified source […]

Games that Fail

You know what’s frustrating? When you are 4 games into your 14-game challenge and you write Game #5, only to realize that it’s really bad and needs to be fixed before you’re even close to releasing it in a Print-and-play beta. In other words: Monster Under the Bed still needs some work.

Ladies League of Invells, Part 2

More notes from my all-woman Inverse World game! Note: Inverse World is now available in PDF format from DriveThruRPG! We spent about an hour on character creation, some updates, and more worldbuilding. Professor A’s player was called into work unexpectedly, and my friend LeeAnn was joining us for the first time. LeeAnn decided to play […]

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