A Hierophant, a Druid, and a Vampire Walk into a Bar….

I’m going to take a short departure from writing in Gwenn’s voice, because I want to summarize what happened, but not in her words. It’s a brief summary, largely for the purposes of sticking a pin in the map for “where are we, and what are we doing?”

See, we’re about to take a 3-month hiatus from the Moving Forward campaign. One of our players is in grad school and heading into a very tough couple of months. We love him and want him to do really well, so we’re going to take some pressure off and welcome him back at mid-summer. In the meantime, our most recent addition to the group, Daniel (Ordune), is going to run a campaign, probably using the Fate system. I look forward to playing something new and with a new GM.

We leave the adventure with Gwenn on Cloud 9. Marco has returned and had her summon him for a chat. He made her an offer– his help, in exchange for her immortal soul (“what do you mean sub-commander?!?” and “I would have made you my consort….”). She’s not too sure what to think of that, and asked him to run an errand for her, in delivering the letter they forged to Zachariah. He asked what he’d get out of it, and she offered him a kiss. It started out chaste, but didn’t remain so. So, in essence, she’s pretty elated, if not downright smug right now (pride goeth before the fall and all that).

Meanwhile, Ordune has convinced Tymmon, the last remaining druid and his mentor, to help us overthrow the hierophant and free the druids who are imprisoned in the trees, if such a thing is possible. Despite some contrary words and opinions, Gwenn was on board for this mission, and even handed command over to Ordune for the duration of the mission. Let’s see what trouble he can get us into.

Gwenn’s mooning over Marco leads her to seek out her friend Firiel for commisseration, and Gwenn is delightfully stupid about not noticing that Firiel seems… a little put out over this turn of events. Possibly jealous. In any case, she stumbles pretty hard when Gwenn mentions the kiss and the deal she was offered, even though she hasn’t accepted it (yet).

And that’s where we are for the moment. Sorry this is such a sketchy writeup. I look forward to getting back into Gwenn’s sociopathic little mind… in a few months. It’ll be nice to take a break and look at the other PCs as “friends and allies” instead of “tools I can use.”