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Allosaurus– raaar!

I’ve been doing some knitting this week. First, I cast on and knitted this guy:




It’s an Allosaurus for a RedditGifts swap recipient. The pattern is from Knitted Dinosaurs, by Tina Barrett, and the yarn is Cascade pima/cotton.

Next up is another entrelac scarf I’m making, this time alternating some color-changing yarn with solid purple:


It’s coming along beautifully. It’s in my standard colorway– warm purples, reds, oranges, and yellow. For some reason, I’m always attracted to knitting with these colors, even though I adore blues, greens, and teals, too.



Family Reunion, Part I

Gwenn’s journal…

We finally parted ways with Lord Numaire, Fermina, and Dorian Poche and headed into the Copper Mountains in search of Gale and his band of bandits. It didn’t take long before we spotted a few scouts, then the ambush. We parlayed a bit, with Firiel finally going off on a bit of a cursing streak at the bandit scout.

Mechanics note: Almost our only dice rolls for the night were successful skill checks, like Firiel parlaying, Ordune using perception, and then a bit of Arcana from Tristram as he detected the magic items in camp. I haven’t covered that here– there’s a dish that refills itself, and a quiver that generates magic arrows. Useful for Gwenn going against the Patriarch, but she’s not going to take it from the refugee scout who’s currently using it. Steve the DM is eternally frustrated by my inability to be a good murderhobo and take all the magic stuff.

Our repeated questions about who their leader was were met with confusion and humor, and we eventually learned, from Gale, that they have no leader at all– rather, they decide things for themselves or by committee.

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