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TimeWatch: Conquest of the Americas

In my Wednesday night game this week, I took over as GM for a couple of sessions and ran TimeWatch. Opening Scene: The PCs are watching the salvage operation of an anachronistic U-boat off the coast of Canada… it’s about 1000 years old, or 960 years before it was originally sunk. The PCs feel a […]

Five Shores: Episode 1.1

I started a new Dungeon World campaign last weekend. It’s online with a bunch of people I only know through Google+, but they seem like good folks. We rotate GMing, so one person will GM for 3 sessions, then the baton is passed. Whatever fronts you develop as a GM you can either hang onto […]

Orccon 2014: Games We Played at Strategicon

In the car on the way home after Strategicon, I like to talk with Mike about what games we played and how they worked or didn’t wor. It’s a post-mortem that helps me get perspective on the weekend and what I enjoyed about the experience, what I would change, and generally so I can learn […]

14 Games in 2014

I think I’ve given myself a personal challenge: write 14 games in 2014. It’s part of my unofficial “game design apprenticeship” in which I try to become a great game designer through hard work, study, creativity, and maybe a bit of luck. I posted about my first two last week, d3 GUM and Night of […]

Two Free Microgames

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about games, and reading games, and wanting to design games. A couple of years ago, Wil Wheaton issued a challenge to “just make stuff.” It was limited in scope– for one day, just make something, and then release it for others to enjoy. I make stuff all […]

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