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We Serve Them

Journal entry from Lt. Gwenn Jade

Well. After an infiltration job into a research facility at Fels, we’ve found ourselves rescuing Fermina (again) from forced-labor for the Regency, and we’ve managed to rescue a young nobleman named Dorian Poche as well.

His father was Lord Poche, the Baron-Alchemist. Renown throughout the realm for blending magical studies and rulership. Died 2 years ago. His daughter Isabel probably died at Ilyria. Dorian is her twin brother.

Tristram Cale was Lord Poche’s personal guard and retainer, before he came into my company. I knew he’d broken ranks to win the battle at Greymoor, but I didn’t know how personally he– and apparently Lord Poche the younger– took the subsequent death of the senior Lord Poche.

Casualties happen. If not for Lord Poche and Tris’s actions, we would have lost Greymoor. It’s one of the commendations that brought Tris to my attention when I needed to replace Paithen. And… it’s the kind of maneuver that I count on him doing or supporting in our little team.

It’s sad that it took Lord Poche’s death to reveal Tristram’s strengths, but we would simply not be alive without him. It’s as basic as that. Lord Poche died, and as a result, Tristram was available to join us, to defend us.

Dorian blames Tris for that death. What am I supposed to tell him? He is grieving for everything this war has taken from him– his family, his land, his title, his name. Who am I to tell him there’s anything more to fight for?


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