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Playing with Dolls

My Thursday night game this week was threatening to cancel due to two players not being available. I sent Brian, the only other player available, a message asking what he wanted to do. Cancel, play Doll (which is playable with 2 players) and then maybe some board games, go down to one of the open […]

Feb 8: I’m running a time travel game. And you can watch!

I’m running a TimeWatch game on February 8th for the ConTessa online gaming convention. It’ll be streamed via Google hangouts, so if you want to tune in and watch it… you should. I’ll also post a writeup and video here when it’s over, of course. Fair warning– last year, I managed to have so many […]

San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con public registration long ago filled up, but they hold a bunch of complimentary badges for industry professionals. To qualify, you have to submit evidence that you are working as a creative professional in the comics or video game industry. I am, between Handknit Heroes, my work on Digital Manga Group projects, […]

Inverse World – Changeleaves are Leaving

I played Inverse World this weekend, which is a Dungeon World setting in which the world is inside the center of a planet, with the sun-god being at its core. It’s very fantastical, with lots of flight, floating islands, and “oceans” of clouds that function like water. Our characters were Ark, a Golem of wood, very […]

Savage World Dungeon Crawl

My friend Kinney wants to learn to be a better GM, as well as learn the Savage Worlds system really well. He’s half-started a couple of campaigns in the past, but he’d like to improve.So, 2 weeks ago, I met up with him and our friend Dan for character creation, and then this Saturday night, […]

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