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Lady Fenton’s Bow

Gwenn returns with her journals.

I wish Rob had never died. I wish I’d never run off, never joined the resistance. Some days, I wish I’d stayed in Kindel and politely discussed the world outside while nibbling on sandwiches and deciding what dress to wear to the next party.

And then I meet someone like Lady Cale, and I remember that I would have been perfectly content that way, but I would be embarrassed to meet myself.

We made it to Fenton’s Rest with no trouble. Learned that Felicia’s grandfather forbids “ladies of the night” from operating in the town (and later learned why– good man). Firiel met with Felicia to discuss progress, and found the woman was acting oddly, glancing at a stone embedded in her chair…. I swear, it’s as if Firiel hasn’t been paying attention to her very own hitch-hiker! Indeed, Felicia’s grandfather is clearly dead these 12 years, and was turned into or imprisoned in a stone where he now guides his grand-daughter in administering his domain.

Aside from the manner in which very old artifacts seem to become quite addled, I think it’s not such a bad way to live on, for all that.  But in truth, Will Fenton didn’t choose it, and I continue to be conflicted over those questions. Those who would choose such immortality probably do not deserve it. Including me.

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