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Cutting Words

4 years after measuring and starting a sweater for him, and John’s body has changed. He moved some of his waist into his chest– looks great, except now the sweater which I just finished, is tight across the chest. The pattern is Andy, from Knitty. As you can see in the pattern, the body is […]

How He Dies

This is a side-story in the Moving Forward RPG campaign, from the point of view of Emilien, our NPC rogue/fighter. He died in our last session, effectively shutting up Gwenn’s voice for a bit. Emilien shook his head as the rest of the Harriers ran off to delve further into the mines. Guard the rear and […]

The Family that Games Together

I visited my sister in Missouri this weekend for her wedding. In addition to some knitting, a library book, and some board games, I brought my Nook, loaded up with books and RPGs. Thursday night, my niece (age 11) wanted to “play D&D.” Well, I didn’t have D&D with me, but Niece doesn’t really know […]

Cliches and Icons, Part 2

So, there we were, knee-deep (waist deep for halflings) in gelatinous cube! And suddenly, as we tried to run away, it shlooped up itself into a cube and started advancing on us! In the distance, we saw another cube form– two of them! We attacked one of the cubes, slowing it down, but we were […]

Cliches and Icons, Part I

Last night, my Tuesday night game did a sidestep into Dungeon World. We decided a couple of weeks ago on our characters: Vorrak, the dwarven fighter Wesley, the human cleric Torendil, the elven wizard Mouse, the halfling thief Our GM, Tyler, is running DW for the first time, but he was giggling madly over the […]

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