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In the Zone

Yesterday I went to Sunset Park with John and Suzanne, leaving them to goof around with hula hoops and juggling stuff while I did my W5D1 run. It was 105 degrees until after sunset last night, so we waited till after 8 to go. Not being familiar with the course, I guessed it was about a mile around– running along the paved path that circles the desert habitat county preservation area next to the more developed parts of the park.

I killed it. A good pace in my first run interval, and a much faster walking pace than normal for me. Second run interval was a bit slower, as was the second walk interval.

In the third run interval, the magic happened.

I’ve been in “the zone before,” where things kind of turn a little zen and I lose track of time and just kind of run along, enjoying myself. But my pace there is usually very slow– almost walking pace.

Not last night. Far from sprinting, I glided along, my breath rhythmic and even, my legs stretching forward, ankles leveraging me up and forward.

I maintained it only a short ways– maybe 1/8 mile. But it didn’t matter– I dropped down to a slightly slower jog, but I felt that victory. The smoothness of that energy, my heart singing in my ears.

It was a very powerful moment.

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