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Progress on Running

This is a fairly typical run for me these days. Over 2 miles, pace is somewhere between 14:30 and 15:45 minutes per mile. Yesterday was 15:33, but it was 103 degrees out. Saturday was 14:43 at about 95 degrees. I got a heart rate monitor, which tells me that I spend about 8 minutes of […]

Stupid Jenna is Dead

Journal entry for Lt Gwenn, a D&D character. What a night. I’m exhausted. After picking up a few accessories for the party, and a wardrobe that would be suitable for “Master Hodor,” we coordinated with Emilien for trouble signals and contingency plans. We determined that Firiel was going to be a solo agent tonight– a […]

Painting Guild Inaugural Meeting!

Attendees: Mike, Jenn, Kinney, and me. Some Backstory: About a year ago, Reaper Miniatures launched a Kickstarter project to finance their new Bones line of resin-cast plastic miniatures. The project was wildly successful, raising over $3 million– the typical pledge for $100 resulted, after all the stretch goal rewards, in over 240 miniatures. Mike, Scott, and […]

Calm Before the Storm

Gwenn’s journal entry, the morning before Marco’s party. “Well, if you don’t go, Gwenn, I’ll dress myself up as you and go in your stead, darlin’!” Those words sealed Firiel’s watch order for the night, much to my discredit. If I’m going to ruin my reputation, the least I can do is ruin it myself. […]

In the Zone

Yesterday I went to Sunset Park with John and Suzanne, leaving them to goof around with hula hoops and juggling stuff while I did my W5D1 run. It was 105 degrees until after sunset last night, so we waited till after 8 to go. Not being familiar with the course, I guessed it was about a […]

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