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Tales from the Arco: We side-step into another game

On Saturday, I ran my Fate game, Tales from the Arco. When last we left the adventurers, Garosh and Symon had recovered a powerful and dangerous artifact from Fennel Mostick, and turned it over to Mauriss Shadowriver of Agency Y in exchange for certain material goods. This week, Andy (Garosh) brought a friend of his […]

ConTessa: My first time GMing Dungeon World

I GMed Dungeon World yesterday, online. I’ll start with my #1 frustration, which overshadowed most of what I could have learned and enjoyed about this experience. GMing online is hard, especially when everyone at EDC starts to come out of their drug-addled hazes and starts flooding the network with their photos and delayed tweets and […]

Friendly Fire Isn’t.

Journal entry for Lt. Gwenn of the Harriers…. I feel so bad! Firiel, I’m so sorry! Gods, you would think this was my first time on a job, stabbing an ally in the neck! I’d blame the darkness, the tension of the house… but to be honest, I think I was startled and still tired […]

Tales from the Arco: The Mask of Hallowed Life

Friday was our first actual Fate game on the Arco! Kyle and Andy showed up at 4, and we got started after cracking open a couple of beers. I am really proud of how the adventure went. The system-specific stuff needs work. Fate isn’t failing us, but we’re still new to the system, and it […]

Horror Dreams

A brief entry in Gwenn’s journal. I woke up this morning with a splitting headache and a night full of dreams of blood and fire. Ilyria haunted my dreams. The twisted corpses at the circle of fire… what horror has caused that? It’s as if my memory wants me to recall the dangers we’ve faced, […]

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