Steampunk: You Need That Like a Hole in Your… Hat

Effie Cotter, reporting for the first time with my own byline-generatron! Friday afternoon saw your loyal correspondent at the Vented Hats workshop, with the purportedly awesome Susan Holt. Mistress Holt has graciously shared her Vented Hats workshop handout with the world, so I can focus on the steps and advice she provided to her enthralled audience. Mistress Holt […]

Steampunk: If you can’t learn from your mistakes… learn from mine

Effie Cotter, reporting On Friday afternoon of the Wild Wild West gathering, I attended a scintillating panel on “learning from our mistakes.” Initially, I thought this would be a rollicking panel with tales of derring-do and vicious duels fought between man and machine. I was not disappointed, dear Reader! Mr. Joe Hernandez, Captain Whittacker of […]

DnD Encounters – Session 5

Celebrating over pancakes at the Golden Grain inn, the proprietor Bertram called for a party in our honor! Hooray! With drinking, and fighting, and gambling. Rhabi and Wulfric joined Pixi and me, and introduced us to a rather scary looking lass named Roth. Grey skin, deadpan delivery– I think she’s some kind of mage. Wulfric, […]