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Steampunk: Cosmetic Changes Make a Big Difference

–Effie Cotter, with apologies for linking primarily to the Book of Faces today. On Saturday, bright and early, we assembled in the dubiously-lit courthouse for a lesson in hair and makeup by Lady Ember Brennen Sparks. Lady Sparks approaches cosmetics as the final, but crucial step on one’s costumery, and her approach is not unlike […]

Steampunk: Friday Evening Entertainment

Reported by Effie Cotter The Friday evening entertainment brought us dancing girls, the “punk” part of Steampunk, some light vaudeville and comedy, and Professor Elemental. The dancing girl was provided by the Osiris Dance Company. I am not entirely sure what correlation there is between “steampunk” and “belly dancing,” but I do know that the […]

The Ending is the Beginning

So, I’ve been playing in an online D&D game since mid-October. Every Tuesday night at 5, I get on Skype with 3 guys from Minnesota, Tennessee, and New York. We play until about 10, which is 1 AM for the guys on the East Coast. I am always the first one off the line, so […]

Steampunk: Leather Pocket for Your Belt

Effie Cotter, reporting Otherwise known as a pouch, dear Reader! Friday afternoon’s workshop was a leather-working event in which a selection of pre-paid attendees created a small leather pouch using kits provided. A similar kit is available through Tandy Leather, proud sponsors of all Steampunk endeavors. Each piece was pre-cut and had holes pre-punched for […]

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